One of the largest providers of Landscaping, Agriculture, and Water Management solutions across the Middle East

Automation Systems

Wide Area Central Control

  • Regions, Districts, Cities

  • Agriculture, Landscape/Turf irrigation networks, water distribution networks, pump stations, outdoor lighting and water features.

  • “Store and Forward” capabilities for almost unlimited coverage area

  • Multi Communication Media: Radio, Fiber optic, Hardwire, GSM, GPRS and any combination

  • Powerful radios for wireless communication

  • 100% secured Seven Layers communication protocol

  • Real time Supervisory, Command & Data Acquisition (SCADA)

  • Open and Semi-Open Architecture

  • Complete system engineering, design and technical operational support

  • Comprehensive water management significantly reduces water budget, labor cost and energy consumption.

  • Graphics applications and HMI capabilities (Human Machine Interface)

  • RTUs (Remote Terminal Units). Master and Slaves

  • Modular I/Os (Inputs/Outputs) Weather based and water budgeting irrigation scheduling

  • Leak detection and water management programs

  • Integrated instrumentation: Weather station, pressure sensors, level sensors, flow sensors and flow meters

  • 100% secured Seven Layers communication protocol

  • Brand: Motorolla USA

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Medium Area Central Control

  • Towns, Villages, Residential and Industrial Developments, Sports Fields, Golf Courses, Large Residential, Commercial Areas
  • Communication: Hard wire, Short range Radio, GPRS, GSM, LAN & Land Lines

  • Modular irrigation field controllers for standard valve wiring and decoder valves

  • Weather based water budgeting programs

  • Water management programs

  • Integrated instrumentation: Weather station, weather click, flow sensors flow click, pressure click, rain click

  • Brand: Hunter USA

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Water Wells Metering & Control

  • Flow and water meters up to 12” diameter

  • Supersonic, Electromagnetic and impeller types

  • Flow reading and transmission

  • Control and water management

  • Data acquisition through radio SCADA and/or GPRS

  • Water Credit systems 

  • Brand: Aquamonix Australia

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