One of the largest providers of Landscaping, Agriculture, and Water Management solutions across the Middle East

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MEAC services start at Design Engineering stage providing comprehensive, efficient, and optimum Water Management Solutions for landscaping irrigation, agriculture irrigation and building services projects. Followed by Timely Material Supply. Ending at in-house Reliable Aftersales Services. All that is based on Sharing Knowledge and Transferring Technology to enhance skills of Local Human Talents.


Pre-Sales Services by Highly Competent Design Team

  • Projects Master Planning 
  • Engineering and Design Service to Project Owners, Consultants and Contractors 
  • Specifications and Technical Guidelines 
  • Shop Drawing and Installation Details 
  • Bill of materials 


Aftersales Services Factory Trained / Certified Engineers and Technicians

  • Technical Support 
  • Installation Supervision 
  • Technical Installation Works to Contractors and End Users 
  • After Sales Repairs and Maintenance Services 


Products Supply

  • Readily Available Products
  • Distributed Warehouses and Inventory
  • Multi Sales Outlets
  • Authorized Dealers Network


Education and Knowledge Sharing

  • Professional Skills Workshops & Seminars “MEAC Collage”
  • “Akhbarna” Newsletter updates on products technology, advanced solutions and industry best practices
  • On site products orientation and installation training
  • Accredited Certification Programs – USA Irrigation Association