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Irrigation Valves


electric control valves


Electric Control Valves

  • Commercial, Residential, Sports Field and Golf Courses Applications 
  • Types: Glass filled nylon & PVC 
  • Sizes: 1”, 11/2”, 2”, 3”
  • Fixed and Dial Up pressure regulation kit 
  • Regular wiring and decoder wiring 
  • Brand: Hunter USA 

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Quick Coupling Valves

  • Commercial, Residential, Sports Field and Golf Courses Applications 
  • ½”, ¾”, 1”, 11/4” and 1” 
  • QCV Valve keys and swivels 
  • Brands: Hunter USA and MEAC KSA

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Quick Coupling valves
HDPE plastic valve boxes

Plastics Valve Boxes

  • Body & cover- made of M 80064F series injected molded grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) with Ultra- Violet additives.
  • Two closure snaps- assure a secure fit.
  • Pipe cutouts- allow for quick and easy installation.
  • Cover marking- Irrigation Control Valve and water not for drinking (English and Arabic).
  • Available sizes: 610, 910, 1419, 1320, and 1324.
  • Brand: Manufactured in accordance with MEAC
  • specifications. (KSA)

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Hydraulic Control Valves

  • Commercial Applications for Irrigation, Building Service and Industrial Water Networks 
  • Hydraulic and Electric Actuation
  • Types: Pressure reducing, float & water level control, pressure sustaining, pump control and elevation valves 
  • Material: Cast iron and Ductile iron body with plastic and copper tubing 
  • Sizes: 50mm – 400mm. Larger sizes available on request 
  • Flanged, grooved and threaded (depends on size) 
  • Brands: Tecnidro Italy and ARAMES 

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Hydrolic control valves
hydraulic pressure regulator valves

Hydraulic Pressure Regulator Valves

  • Water Supply Regulation and Water Credit Applications
  • Sizes: 2” – 4” (50mm - 100mm)
  • Material: Cast iron and ductile iron
  • Stand alone or with billing system.
  • With or without pressure reducing pilot
  • Brand: Tecnidro Italy

Manual Isolation Valves

  • Type: Gate, Butterfly, Ball, Check (UL FM Valves for Fire Fighting System)
  • Sizes: Cast Iron / Ductile Iron: Flanged 50mm - 1200mm
  • Brand: MESC Spain
Manual isolation valve